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Fiber Optic Clips

Fiber Optic Clips come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations for mounting fiber optic jumper cables and small components to flat surfaces.

Fiber Optic Reels

Fiber Optic Reels provide a method for storage of excess fiber in an optical circuit, and guarantee a minimum bend radius in the fiber for prevention of excess losses.

Stacking Post & Standoff

The Stacking Post and Standoff offer methods for mounting reels without the use of adhesive pads.

Corner & Edge Guides

Corner Guides are used to maintain minimum bend radii at corners of a circuit board. Edge guides prevent fiber from spilling off the circuit board.

Reel Lite

REEL LITE®- Ultra-Compact Reels for Fiber Optics
Revolutionary Improvement in Optical Fiber Length Management

3 mm Strain Relief Assembly

Plastic assembly solidly mounts to bulkhead, firmly holds 3 mm-jacketed cable by Kevlar lining, and provides strain-relief boot outside the bulkhead.

900µ Strain Relief Boot

This small rubber bulkhead-mounted boot allows 900-micron-buffered fibers to pass through the bulkhead while being protected from damage to the buffer. The flexible external section controls the bend radius of the fiber in the vicinity of the bulkhead.