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APL-OP01 Optical Coherence Tomography "Phantom" APL-OP01 Optical Coherence Tomography "Phantom"

A device to qualitatively and quantitatively
characterize the performance of an Optical Coherence Tomography ( OCT )
system, including spatially varying resolution, sensitivity, distortion
and scan linearity.

Fiber Glass Geometry Measurement System Fiber Glass Geometry Measurement System

Provides a direct measurement of the fiber geometry parameters including
core diameter, core non-circularity, cladding diameter, cladding non-circularity and core-to-
cladding concentricity.

FiBO 200 Interferometer FiBO 200 Interferometer

FiBO® 200 Interferometer is an economical solution for
complete and accurate fiber optic connector endface testing. High
resolution 3D surface metrology and automated defect detection are
combined in one robust, compact system for quick and easy inspection on
the production floor or in the field.

FiBO 250 Interferometer FiBO 250 Interferometer

FiBO® 250 Interferometer is a true phase-shifting Michelson interferometer for automated non-contact fiber optic connector endface testing that combines interferometric 3D surface mapping and 2D visual inspection capabilities in one compact, rugged, and portable design.

FiBO 300 Interferometer FiBO 300 Interferometer

FiBO® 300 Interferometer is a versatile phase-shifting Michelson interferometer for inspecting and testing fiber optic endface geometry and micro-component surfaces. The built-in turret enables quick and easy switching between calibrated objectives for optimum magnification.

Modal Explorer (Encircled Flux Meter) Modal Explorer (Encircled Flux Meter)

The MPX Modal Explorer is the Encircled Flux meter of choice for leading companies around the world. Simply connect your source and patchcord to the MPX, and it will measure Modal Launch Conditions in real-time.

VFI Interferometric Inspection System VFI Interferometric Inspection System

The VFI is an interferometric inspection system specifically designed for checking the surface quality and
flatness of your cleaved or polished fibers.

ViewConn Pro (VC-8200) ViewConn Pro (VC-8200)

ViewConn Pro (VC-8200) is an integrated system for fiber optic connector inspection, evaluation, documentation and cleaning. With built In WI-FI, ViewConn Pro can send its Pass/Fall analysis reports via email to other locations or store them directly within the unit.