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Fiber Optic Connector Inspection Cleaning & Inspection Kits SMPTE 304 Cleaners
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SMPTE 304/311 Fusion Splicer Optical Fiber Video Patch Panel Jack Audio Transmission System

AFC-3000 Cartridge AFC-3000 Cartridge

Replacement cleaning cartridges specifically made for the AFC-3000 cleaning gun.

AFC-3000 Connector Cleaning Gun AFC-3000 Connector Cleaning Gun

Cleans connector ferrules either directly or through the bulkhead in 3 seconds. Extremely reliable and cost-effective!

CI-1100 CI-1100

Fiber-Optic Connector Video Inspector


The standard tools for cleaning fiber optic connectors through the bulkhead. Also good for multiple-ferrule connectors. Manufactured by NTT-AT.

DI-1000 DI-1000

Digital Video Microscope Probe: works with any PC and ConnectorViewTM program.

DI-1000L-Pro DI-1000L-Pro

Digital x200 connector viewing probe, with zoom viewing and analysis software for use on a computer.

Dual-Ended Cletop Stick Dual-Ended Cletop Stick

Dual-ended Cleaning Stick: 2.0 mm diameter on one end, 2.5 mm diameter with guide sleeve on the other. Particularly useful for cleaning SMPTE 304 connectors.

IBC SMPTE 304 Cleaner IBC SMPTE 304 Cleaner

Compact, inexpensive cleaner designed specifically for SMPTE 304 connectors.

SMPTE 304 Connector Tool SMPTE 304 Connector Tool

Tool for extraction and insertion of ferrule guides in the female SMPTE 304 connector

ViewConn (VC-6200) ViewConn (VC-6200)

ViewConn VC-6200 Fiber Optic Connector End Face Inspection and Cleaning

ViewConn Pro (VC-8200) ViewConn Pro (VC-8200)

ViewConn Pro (VC-8200) is an integrated system for fiber optic connector inspection, evaluation, documentation and cleaning. With built In WI-FI, ViewConn Pro can send its Pass/Fall analysis reports via email to other locations or store them directly within the unit.