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IBC Connector Cleaners

Fast, easy-to-use ferrule endface cleaners, for use either directly on the ferrule, or through the bulkhead adapter. Low-cost and disposable.

IBC Compact Cleaners

Compact versions of the IBC Cleaners for 2.5 and 1.25 mm ferrules. 525 cleaning cycles (minimum). Retractable lanyard.

IBC SMPTE 304 Cleaner

Compact, inexpensive cleaner designed specifically for SMPTE 304 connectors.


IBC cleaner for 1.6 mm ferrules.


2.5 mm ferrule cleaner. Cleans 1.8 mm diameter of the ferrule surface.


Dual LC connector cleaner.

IBC H125

Cleaner for MIL/AERO connectors employing 1.25 mm ferrules. Good for accessing tight spaces on hybrid (copper/fiber) connectors.


NEOCLEAN-E is an innovative optical connector cleaner with a replaceable cleaning cartridge. Residue on the end face of optical connectors can be removed by a simple push that provides a consistent and dependable cleaning every time.