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Single-Mode Cables

SM cables transmit a single-mode of light, from ultraviolet (320nm) through infrared (2,000nm) including visible light (390-700nm). They were originally developed for long haul telecommunication systems however they are now used for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), LASIK eye surgery, military sensors, wind sensors, space communications, fiber to the home and many other applications. Coastal Connections typically stocks 30 different SM fibers to meet your needs.

Multimode Cables

MM cables transmit multiple modes of light, from ultraviolet (30nm) through Mid-infrared (7,000nm) with core sizes ranging from 25um to 1mm. MM cables were originally developed for transmitting signals over shorter distances than SM fiber such as local area networks in buildings. Currently, they are also used for power transmission, OCT, industrial sensors, laser surgery, and many other applications. Coastal Connections typically stocks 50 different MM fibers to meet your needs.

Maintaining Cables

PM cables transmit a single-mode of light, from 350nm to 2,000nm, while maintaining the alignment of the polarization axis. PM cables are used in many applications including flow cytometry, downhole sensing, gyroscopes, and signal modulation. Coastal Connections typically stocks 20 different PM fibers to meet your needs.

High Power Cables

As high power lasers come down in cost and the applications that require them goes up the use of high power cables is becoming much more common. The biggest risk in 1 to 60 Watt systems is burning of the fiber core due to power density at the end of the fiber. In higher power systems heat dissipation must also be considered. Properly built connectors can handle 150,000 Watts/mm2 of power in the core and 25,000 Watts/mm2 of power at the fiber end-face.

Fiber End-Caps

Coastal Connections is the world’s leading supplier of Fiber End-Caps for PM, SM and MM fibers in ferrules and connectors. Fiber End-Caps reduce the power density where laser light enters or exits the fiber resulting in longer life cables. Light with wavelengths shorter than 430nm can deposit contaminants onto the core of fibers. By adding a Fiber End-Cap, the power density is reduced eliminating the depositing of contaminants.

Vacuum Feedthroughs

Vacuum feedthroughs allow optical fibers to pass through a vacuum chamber’s wall while maintaining a seal. Coastal Connections specializes in building custom feedthroughs with multiple fibers reducing your risk of a vacuum leak. Our proprietary fiber sealing technology does not add stress to the fiber allowing for sealing on bend sensitive fibers. Coastal Connections is the only company in the world that sells multichannel feedthroughs with polarization maintaining fibers.

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