MSI-DFAT® Provides Products and Services to Meet Your Individual Needs

The MSI-DFAT® spacecraft acoustic testing service uses a direct acoustic pressure field to excite the test article rather than the diffuse field created in an acoustic chamber. The direct field is created by placing acoustic speaker cabinets around the test article in such a manner as to create an equal sound pressure field at the surface of the test article.

The convenience, low cost and mobility of this method distinguish it from conventional testing and are the primary reasons for its growing popularity. The method is convenient because MSI brings all required sound system, power generation and distribution and data acquisition and control equipment. All equipment is leased for each test event. There is no large investment in a facility, equipment or personnel required on the part of the customer. A diesel generator is the preferred power source, therefore providing clean on-site electrical power in a consistent configuration for connection to the MSI-DFAT® power distribution equipment. This removes the demand for large quantities of power from the test facility. In addition, testing can be performed at a much lower cost per test compared to the installation, operation and maintenance of a more standard high intensity reverberant acoustic chamber system. Finally, mobility allows this test method to be performed at almost any time and place in the normal test article integration and test flow. The test equipment is completely portable and no special facility or infrastructure is required. Learn more about DFAT®services here.

The MSI-DFAT® System uses a building block approach to satisfy our client’s specific needs. The system is designed, built and operated by experienced and qualified audio engineers to ensure accuracy. MSI-DFAT® will perform the test on the spacecraft by a set of defined and documented procedures provided by MSI-DFAT® or to the client’s specifications. MSI-DFAT® systems are completely modular and mobile, allowing us to deliver to the client’s designated facility and complete a test in typically 3-4 days total. MSI-DFAT® can provide DFAT® Services and equipment through lease or purchase agreements. The equipment is state-of-the-art, and our crews are committed to providing the highest level of service to exceed your expectations.

MSI-DFAT® Services

  • On-site Testing – We come to your facility

  • MSI-DFAT® In-house Testing – We test your component at our facility

  • Equipment Sales – Purchase any of our systems or components

  • Chamber Enhancement – Add audio devices and control to supplement conventional systems

  • Installation, Maintenance and Repair of MSI-DFAT® Equipment

  • Consulting Services

MSI-DFAT® Products

  • MSI-DFAT® Systems

    Complete turn-key systems
    Small experimental systems (lease additional equipment when required)
  • MSI-DFAT® Components

    Cabinets, amplifiers, rigging
  • MSI-DFAT® Controller

    SISO or MIMO, narrow-band control


  • MSI-DFAT® Audio Components

    Speakers, drivers, filters, splitters, matrix switches
  • MSI-DFAT® Power Distribution

    Generator, transformer, amp distribution
  • MSI-DFAT® Cabling

    Power, signal XTA, BNC or Link type multi-connectors

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